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I have a 1991 Ford F-250.  It runs a 5.7 litre EFI V-8 and an automatic overdrive.  The problem is that it feels a good bit under-powered and it drinks gas.  I know that if the torque/weight-distribution is right on a heavier vehicle, the fuel economy is better.  I'm not expecting a huge improvement but it just seems like if I could boost the horsepower about 75 to 100 horse I could not only improve the problem of it being underpowered but I would suspect the fuel economy would improve.

Here are the questions I would like to answer:  Is there an after-market computer upgrade that would do it?  Would it be better and more cost effective to put a super-charger and cold air intake on it?  Is a high flow exhaust a must?


The exhaust on the truck has duel outlets on the right side.  I wouldn't like it if it were much louder than it already is.  Could I possibly just replace the Cat-conv???


Any advise?


Thanks in advance


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Well you can do several things to try to fix this problem : 1) a complete tune up; 2)replace stock exaust with headers; 3)a new computer or tuner if available; 4)replace the cat converter; 5) or you could replace the feul injected engine with a carberated engine -- being the truck is a 1991; 6)being a 1991 the automatic transmition could be about do for a rebuild ( I would consider a fluid and filter change ;transmition cooler if it does not have one; and have the line preshure checked ) --- you can have a good engine but if the transmition is week , you can have that under powered feeling .

better to have it checked, pal. were you able to find solution to this?


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