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hello i have a 1979 chevy 383 stroker and what i am thinking is a 12'' lift but am not sure on that. i am trying to verify the height of the lift and am up for any suggestions on how to do so. it has 6 leaf springs per side in the front and 11 per side in the rear

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I am not an expert on this but I would locate another vehicle that is stock and measure the distance from axle to frame and then compare to your axle to frame distance to the stock one.

I do know that the number of springs does not determine or mean anything with regard to the amount of lift you have.

Hope that helps a little bit 

Run a string from eyebolt to eyebolt and measure from top of leafspring to ur string and that will get u real close to what ur looking for and from the pic it looks like a 14 to 16 in lift.hope this helps.

Did you install 12-inch suspension lift kit on your truck? Your truck looks great, by the way.


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